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VRIJESCHOOL – Engels – hogere klassen


Er kunnen allerlei redenen zijn om met een (hogere) klas eens iets op te voeren voor een lagere. Voor de laatste is het goed om te zien wat ze later allemaal geleerd hebben en kunnen; voor de hogere klas is het soms goed – wanneer het bijv. sociaal in zo’n klas wat moeilijker gaat, om gezamenlijk aan iets te werken, waarbij veel moet worden samengewerkt: kleding, achtergrondattributen, in tweetallen repeteren enz.

Hier volgt een origineel ( dus niet vertaald) spelletje voor de lagere klassen, waarmee je het natuurlijk ook kunt proberen op te voeren. Halfverwege klas 2, bijv. – het hangt er natuurlijk vanaf hoe ‘ver’ je klas is.

SLEEPING BEAUTY    A Play for the First Grade

This little fairy tale play was written by Mrs. Birdsall who is a pioneer in Waldorf School education and one of the first teachers of our school. At present* she is the librarian at the Kimberton Farms School. Sleeping Beauty has been used several times by first-grade teachers successfully. It is being given by Miss Paulsen’s first grade in the 25th Anniversary Assembly.

Scene I — In A Garden

Enter Queen:
Oh, would I had a daughter fair
With eyes of blue and golden hair.

Enter Frog:
Your wish, dear Queen,
shall be fulfilled,
For so, in truth,
the gods have willed.
A daughter shall be born to you
With golden hair and eyes of blue.

Frog hops off stage, and happy Queen exits skipping.

Scene II — In Palace Hall

King and Queen enter, followed by nurse with baby and all the fairies.

Dear friends, we come together here
To give our thanks and make good cheer.
A daughter, beautiful to see
Has come to bless my Queen and me.

Come fairies all, and wish your best
In order that my child be blest.

Fairies come forward to give their gifts.

First fairy:
Dear babe, I give you beauty rare
As roses in the summer air.

And I bring wisdom,

goodness too,
Let us bestow, dear babe, on you.

And I bring grace: where ’er she treads
The flowers scarce will bend their heads.

I give you health. Grow straight and strong
And walk your pathway with a song.

May riches also be your part.

And may you have a loving heart.

May truth attend you on your way,

And happiness be yours each day.

May you have many, many friends,

And peace be yours till your life ends.

Bad Fairy enters:
My gift is very quickly told,
For when the child’s fifteen years old,
A spindle shall her finger prick.
The princess shall fall dead so quick
Not all your gifts can help her then.
She ne’er shall live or breathe again. (Exit)

Good Fairy
Alas! I cannot quite undo
This cruel wish that’s come to you.
She shall not die, so spare your tears,
She shall but sleep one hundred years.                           (All exit)

Scene III — The Tower

Old woman:
Spin, spin the princess doom,
The princess comes, so soon, so soon.

Princess enters:
I wonder what is in this room.
I think I’ll see.

Old woman:
Come in, my dear.

Good day, little mother.

Old woman:
Good day, fair child.

Princess: What do you do with this soft, white stuff?

Old woman:
Spinning, fair child, to get thread enough.

And what is this thing spinning round so gay?

Old woman:
A spindle; my dear.

Then teil me, pray,
If I may not hold it, mother dear?

Old woman:
Surely you may and have no fear.

Princess pricks finger, falls on couch. Old woman leaves with an evil laugh.

Scene IV — Before Hedge of Thorns

The hedge of thorns are we,
As you can plainly see.
One hundred years have passed.
The prince comes, at last!

Prince gallops in:
The hedge of thorns I do not fear.
I vow I’ll wake the princess dear.

(strikes hedge which falls apart).

Ah, what vision rare is this!
*Tis she! I’ll wake her with a kiss.
Sleeping Beauty, rise.
Open now thine eyes!

Ah, my prince,
I dreamed of you!

And now our dream has all come true!

King and Queen enter and kiss the princess. Grand procession of all characters follows.

Virginia F. Birdsall, datum onbekend
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