VRIJESCHOOL – Niet-Nederlandse talen – Engels – lagere klassen

(Mrs Riet (Simmers) vrijeschool Groningen, nadere gegevens onbekend.


The first form:

Mr. Ebe has introduced me as Mrs Riet, having just arrived from a country
far away over the sea. A “little goblin” straight from the English fairy-
tale world kept me company and bought little treasures for the children,
stones, marbles, ,  flowers etc.

Trying to be as English as possible we clap hands together and concentrate on our fingers, which are lost and found again in the song;

Tommy Thumb, where are you?
Here I am; How do you do?

The same goes for Peter Pointer, Toby Tall, Ruby Ring and Baby Small

If we get hungry we mix a pancake:

mix a pancake
stir a pancake,
put it in the pan,
fry the pancake,
toss the pancake
catch it, if you can !*

Finally there is a story to be told, “The three little pigs”

By now mrs Riet has been discovered to learn the Dutch language very quickly, but we try to remain English; polite, formal (with a hidden roughness) and following the invitation which, I think, the language offers so clearly of moving into drama.

The second form:  (Mr. Ric)

In the second form the “little goblin” is sent back to his homecountry. The fingers move about less innocently as in:

Ten little soldiers stand op straight
make a gate
make a ring
go to the king
dance all day and hide away.

And “Old King Cole” is there to reign over them, in the song:

Old King Cole was a merry old soul.
and a merry old soul was he,
he calïed for his pipe,
he called for his bowl
and he called for his fiddlers three.

Also a few animals are being played and and sung about:

Look at the terrible crocodile
J-oh, J-oh, J-oh.
He’s swimming down the River Nile
J-oh, Joh-, J-oh.
Look at his jaws are open wide.
J-oh, J-oh, Joh,
A little fish is swimming inside
J-oh, J-oh5 J-oh.

At the moment we are very buzy with boats especially sailing boats.

We have little conversations with the captain of the boat about the interior of the classroom.

Is this the floor?   Yes, it is.
Is this blue?, no, it isn’t.

And at the moment there is a little play, with Henny, Penny, Cocky, Hocky, Wucky-Waddles, Goosey – Poosey and take care!   Foxy Woxy.

The third form  (Miss Mart)

Trades and handcrafts are in the air.

There is a cobbler down the street
Mending shoes for little feet.
With a bang and a bang and a bang, bang, bang
Cobbler, Cobbler mend my shoe
get it done by half past two.


Blow, Wind, Blow
Go, mill, go
that the miller may grind his corn
that the baker may take it,
and into bread make it,
and bring us a loaf in the morn.

0, the brave old Duke of York
he had ten thousand men.

(the children will surely know how it goes on).

We learn the days of the week and more and more words are being introduced in our conversations.

At the moment we talk a lot about houses, and we have a little play about
“Six little men”, that built a house together.

Tinker, Tailor,
Soldier, Sailor,
Rich man, Poor man,
beggar man, thief,
Goodbye to all of you,
I will take my leave.
Zie vooral: uitgaven verschenen bij ‘Forschungsstelle beim Bund der Freien Waldorfschule

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